Jumpstart is the Atea concept to build and maintain a standardized PC client platform. Based on our long experience and technical capabilities, combined with the latest technology from Microsoft, we can offer our customers a rapid and cost effective opportunity to create a sustainable client platform.

Effective standard implementation
Atea has developed a package that includes the technology and capabilities required for today's client platform based on Microsoft standard products. This provides a stable platform that lowers your costs and significantly lowers your risks.

Tools and techniques for effective client management
The technology used for Jumpstart is built on standard products based on the System Center Configuration Manager and Deployment Tools from Microsoft. This provides a safe and strategic platform based on "best practice". The concept consists of standard components from Microsoft that have been customized for optimum functionality. In addition the components can be complemented with additional features developed by Atea.

Atea added components
AdminWEB and BootMenu
Application Manager
Branch Manager
Distribution Manager
Information Manager

AdminWEB - Framed

Installation at a fixed price
Not only will you reduce your costs with a standardized client platform, but you can also determine the costs of implementation. Based on our experience we offer our customers the basic installation of Jumpstart at a fixed price. The required investment beyond basic installation is determined by the size of your IT environment.

Supported path
Since Jumpstart is based on standard Microsoft products, it is also the path supported to migrate to your client PCs to Windows 7. Jumpstart also addresses the entire life cycle for a client environment by enabling the standardization of hardware using Atea's product range as well as its operational and management services.


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